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Australian born Kitto has toured in over 36 countries collecting stories, influences and observations - all molded into a trembling pot of indie rock, sweaty garage and gritty grunge. Now when her sixth full length album "Crash" is about to see the light of day, she feels that her influences and visions have finally merged together. Full of punctuating riffs, "Crash" takes you on a psychedelic journey where Kitto’s raw deep vocals and her co-writer/guitarist Pna Andersson’s song mastery blends into a magic carpet ride that range from the downtuned “Desert Flower” to road trips such as “Ticket Man”. Kitto sweeps in like a force of nature to remind us all what true artistry and rock is about …

Kitto began her career in the early 90's when she was signed to Australia’s most successful rock label Mushroom Records. Inspite of big label support, she came to realize that her path lied beyond the machine that was driving the music industry at the time and continued her career as an independent artist, something she's followed successfully ever since.

Her strikingly formidable vocals and frenetic energy soon won a reputation amongst musicians as well her audience and critics. Having shared festival bills with artists such as Mike Monroe (Hanoi Rocks), Stone Sour, Pete Doherty & Suicidal Tendencies, Kitto is foremost a live artist and considers the stage to be her second home.

Today, her music has swept her throughout the globe - from the North Pole to Tasmania, Robben Island to Tahiti, and the scope of her influences mirror the world of travel.

After spending most of her career as a solo artist, Kitto nowadays has now formed a solid platform/partnership with Swede Pna Andersson. Together they formulate her sound with shows performed as a duo or with a full band. The majority of songs featured on the new album are written in hide-away corners of Norway during one of the duo’s recording sessions in 2010.

"Crash" marks a new era for Kitto. We hope that you will be a part of this magic carpet ride …

A few highlights

  • Edinburgh Festival, Scotland UK 2011
  • Puistoblues, Finland 2011
  • Sweden Rock, Sweden 2010
  • Crazy Week, France 2010
  • Reiu Rock Estonia 2010

Played together with (live/studio):

  • Johnny Griparic (Slashes Snake Pit)
  • Dean Pleasants (Suicidal Tendencies)
  • Teddy Andredis (Alice Cooper & Guns n Roses)
  • Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • The Big Brother & the Holding Company
  • Steve Conti (New York Dolls)


Albums, EP's & compilations

NEW CD 'Crash' Scarecrow Recordings Release date Nov 1, 2011 Cat.SCR002CD

Kitto EP 'Unlearn Your Generation' Release Date Feb 2009 Cat. WJM013 Whosjack Music/ Sound Pollution Produced by Chips Kiesbye.

Kitto CD 'Chiltern Sessions' Limited Edition, Release Date Aug 2007 Cat. WJM012 Whosjack Music. Co-produced by Kitto, Pontus Andersson and Andrew McDonald.

Kitto CD 'Over Sensitive'. Release date UK scheduled Jan 22, 2007 (Licensed to Green Pepper Junction UK) Cat. GPJ005 & WJM011 Whosjack Music & Titan Music Inc USA/Sweden Co-produced with Michael Vail Blum, Pontus Andersson and Kitto.

Kitto CD ‘Precious Junk’ Whosjack Music 2005 Cat. WJM010.

Kitto CD Single ‘Catalina Dreaming’ Whosjack Music - Sweden/Aust 2004 Cat. WJM 009 Produced by Kitto, assistant production by Anders Molin & Jan Destner.

Kitto CD Single ‘I Wonder Why’ Whosjack Music - Sweden/Aust 2003 Cat. WJM 008 Produced by Bil Bryant & Anders Molin.

Kitto CD Single ‘Glorious’ Whosjack Music - Sweden/Aust 2002 Cat. WJM 007 Produced by Bil Bryant & Anders Molin.

Kitto CD ‘Princess of Tragedy’ Whosjack Music 2002 Cat. WJM 006 Produced by Bil Bryant & Anders Molin.

Kitto CD ‘Umbilically Yours’ Whosjack Music 2000 Cat. WJM 005 Compilation of live performances and studio out takes in UK and Europe.

Kitto CD ‘Baby Porcelain’ Whosjack Music - London UK 1998 Cat. WJM 444.

Kitto EP 'Unreleased' Clone - Sweden, 1996 Produced by Mats Lindfors Cat. Clone CD2.

Kitto EP ‘20 Jacksonia’ Australia, 1995 Cat. JK 001 Produced by Tom Misner & Mark Kennedy Whosjack Music - Sweden/Aust 2004 Cat. WJM 010 Produced by Kitto, assistant production by Anders Molin & Jan Destner.

Kitto CD/Vinyl Single ‘Blind Lead The Blind’. Mushroom Records - Debut release Australia 1991. Cat 10391. Produced by Ernie Rose.


ROCK 'N FUCK CD Feat Kitto 'A Short Story'. Produced by Jerkhouse Connection - France 2006.